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The first 360° DataCatalog platform enabling Business Engineers to deliver a comprehensive mapping of their data assets in an agile way. 

DataGalaxy support organizations' data governance journey by automating the collection of metadata combined with collective knowledge and artificial intelligence

Data is a critical asset, and mastering it across your IT landscape is a clear competitive advantage. DataGalaxy is committed to providing clients with the right toolset for an unbeaten digital transformation journey, being the best of breed solution for Data mapping and collaborative knowledge sourcing.

Thanks to the innovative Bottom-Up use case based approach, allowing companies to deploy data governance and optimize the data teams performance.

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Informations principales

@DataGalaxy we're hiring for our teams in Growth, Marketing, Sales, Product Development, Professional services and Corporate.

Discover all our opportunities here: https://www.welcometothejungle.com/en/companies/datagalaxy

Our employees have the freedom to organize their work (day package, remote working). Having breakfast, lunch with the foodies in the teams and an end of week drink (if you’re up for it). Being part of a fun and multicultural team and participating in fun and motivating termly team buildings. 

Conseils pour postuler

We are recruiting great talents with a doers mentality who will match with our values : Be intentional : Bold, Clear and Humble. Be intentional, you choose to make decisions and take action on what's important to you. Being intentional means getting clear upfront about what you want to achieve. Be clear, in everything you do and say Be bold, Someone who's bold is daring and brave. You might show how bold you are by climbing onto the roof of your house, or by speaking up when you see someone being treated unfairly. When you act in a bold way, you're taking some kind of risk; you could be risking physical danger, embarrassment, or your reputation. Be humble, We always have everything to learn, from each other and from our clients, and we are eager to learn to improve ourselves individually and collectively. Internally, we must speak truth to power and provide each other constantly with feedback that helps us grow. 

Luchino Geelen
Talent Acquisition Manager

E-Mail: luchino.geelen@datagalaxy.com
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